The art of storytelling starts with Nimbus

As a journalist you are focused on telling great news stories to your audience, anytime on any device. Nimbus Newsroom gives you the flexibility and the power to do your job, for any platform. The art of storytelling starts with Nimbus.

Available anywhere, anytime on any device
Easy to use: Orchestrated workflow
Multichannel storytelling
Crafted by and for journalists

Increase your workflow

Nimbus gives the journalist an orchestrated workflow, so that he can fully concentrate on his primary task. The seamless back end integration with Dalet Galaxy makes sure that the story is automatically distributed to several platforms. With Nimbus Newsroom multichannel storytelling is only one click away.


The solution

Nimbus gives journalists an unique tool to produce, edit and write rich news content for several platforms at the same time: anywhere, on any device. The journalist can write a story for radio, tv or internet, using the smart workflow engine Nimbus provides. Audio, video and photo’s can be accessed and edited from the same user interface. A preview on how a news story on the internet looks can be shown.


Utilise the power of social media

Nimbus integrates with social media as well. Do you want to post a message, just to get more attention for your story. With Nimbus, you do it while you are working on your bigger story. And with Nimbus Analytics* you will get a clear overview how well your social message have been read. Reaching your audience via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat starts with Nimbus.


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